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Lost and Forgotten

September 1, 2013

A summary of lost and forgotten gear. And why I really should have a gear check list 🙂

West Coast Trail – Summer 2009

Overprepared! This was my first backcountry hike and we brought way too much food, about twice as much as we actually needed.

Looking back at pictures, the compression sack to my sleeping bag was insufficient and if it had rained I would have been in big trouble (somehow I spent 5.5 days on the WCT without it raining once). Also didn’t break in my boots before the 75km hike, which worked out okay!


Yellowstone – Fall 2009

Hiked into Shoshone Geyser Field with a few cans of beer. Put them in the Firehole Rover to cool, but secured them improperly. Luckily we found them caught underneath a log not too far downriver!

Yellowstone Beer Rescue!

Kalalau Trail – Winter 2009

Stove was confiscated from Hawaiian Airlines (turns out they do not allow camping stoves of any kind!) We rented one in Hanalei near the trailhead.

Forgot my glasses in the hotel we stayed at, left them on the sink after I put my contacts in (I also left my contact case).

Forgot Advil and someone ended up with a strained knee.

All of this and the fact that we had way too much stuff (a -7C sleeping bag!) meant it was unsuccessful and we’ll have to go back and do it again 🙂

Kwasitchewan Falls – Summer 2010

Spontaneous hike, didn’t have any of my regular gear, hiked it with trail runners with no ankle support (unadvisable!)

Jasper’s Skyline Trail – Fall 2010

With snow in the forecast, I had to buy an extra sweater and gaiters in Jasper.

Someone forgot tent poles…

Bad Idea

Should have had hiking poles, we probably could have made it over The Notch if we had them. Had to turn back.

Joshua Tree – Spring 2011

Decided not to bring a sleeping pad even though I only had a 0C sleeping bag (flew into LA and was saving luggage space). Was cold but stuck it out.

Patagonia – Winter 2011

On strong advice from the tour leader, bought hiking poles. I had never used them before and it was a very good idea.

Chilkoot Trail – Summer 2012

Even though I KNEW there was snow on parts of the trail, I didn’t bring hiking poles, a toque, or gloves. Had to buy them in Skagway. Yes, two consecutive hikes where I had to buy hiking poles!

Half Dome – Fall 2012

For some reason I didn’t bring anything but cotton t-shirts, even though it was a road trip and I had no limits on what to bring. So I bought a shirt in Portand, OR (No sales tax!)

Impulse bought a Smores Grill at the Yosemite General Store.

Kungsleden – Summer 2013

Bought an extra pair of gloves and extra water bottle at the Kebnekaise Mountain Station to summit Kebnekaise (though I didn’t end up needing them). Lost one of the gloves within three days.

Damaged pack cover on the Kungsleden (the cover was too small and I strapped it on over my hiking poles). Bought a new one in Oslo for Jotunheimen.

Bad Idea

Berg Lake Trail – Summer 2013

Forgot to bring pants to sleep in (and wear around camp). Bought some new ones in Jasper.

Lost my raincoat on day one. Luckily it only rained on day one and was something I wanted to replace anyway.

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